Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At The we value the right to privacy of any person. Our friendship with you is our biggest strength, which is the very core of our identity which prestige.

We appreciate the significance you add to the protection and confidentiality of details that uniquely defines you or information regarding your account. We refer to this knowledge and view it as “personal information”

In certain cases where we agree in good conscience that disclosure is needed by statute, to comply with regulators or law enforcement agencies, or to protect our rights or properties, we reserve the right to reveal or record personal data.

We use personal details in ways that are compatible with the reasons for which we initially obtained the information. For instance, we would use the details you send us to process your requests and purchases, and provide you with additional product and service details. We can share your personal details with an agency or affiliate to do so.

We restrict the processing and usage of personal details to what is required to manage our company and to provide you with superior service. That could involve telling you about our goods or facilities, our associates’ items and other resources we feel might be of interest to you. We can combine information you send us on the Web or through other channels to fit you better. When we exchange personal details with an employee or partner, we use a strict confidentiality policy to secure the personal information. Companies whom we employ to offer support facilities or serve as our representative will comply by our principles of privacy.

Soka Solutions, organizational rules mandate that the details should not be utilized or revealed by staff with access to sensitive consumer information and for commercial usage. All workers are expected to safeguard these details, as set out in their Soka Solutions confidentiality agreements. In either event, a strict confidentiality policy would secure your sensitive details. We do not enable any non-affiliated organization to hold your personal details for longer than is appropriate to deliver the product, service or details unless you affirmatively approve us to do so.

We continue to review our attempts to secure sensitive details and make every attempt to preserve correct and up-to-date knowledge about yourself. If you find any mistakes in your personal details or wish to change the details, please email us and we can correct our records promptly. If you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to email us at [email protected]