Tvishi Facial Cleanser & Detan Mask


This combo was thoughtfully designed to exfoliate, cleanse while still helping to brighten up skin by reducing tan and letting it glow naturally. So this festive season, enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on this pack.


Foaming Powder Cleanser 25gm

Detan Clay Mask Powder 50gm



A gentle foaming powder cleanser balances the skin and can be used as multi-use product. With natural exfoliating enzymes it works effectively to leave skin feel smooth, clean and refreshed.


1. Effectively softens the skin’s stratum corneum, leaving skin soft and supple.

2. Produces soft foam, deeply cleanse pores, effectively removes blackheads and dirt, shrinks pores and makes skin more delicate.

3. Has a good oil control effect, removes excess oil, maintains skin balance.

4. Lastly, you cannot but avoid loving the natural fragrance of dried Lavender and Chamomile buds..Its truly a floral experience

5. It instantly helps skin rejuvenate and look fresher.


1. Take small quantity of the powder and activate with few drops of water/hydrosols/toner

2. Gentle cleanse face with mild foaming paste or use it like a scrub/pack for that instant glow up

3. Wash face with water after 30-60secs

4. Can be used once day for Oily-combination, and thrice a week for Dry skin


This natural Detan Face Mask is designed to remove tan and even out the skin tone. Skin that gets affected by prolonged sun exposure, pollution, and other irritants tends to gather impurities from the atmosphere which in the long run effect skin and enhance aging and appearance.


1.This mask has potent blend of Kasturi Manjal & Red Sandalwood that helps to remove those impurities from the face and keep the face looking fairer, younger and healthier.

2.Gives you visibly brighter skin after the very first application

3.Kaolin and Citrus fruit extracts gives a refreshing experience while removing stubborn tan

4.It also restores moisture and keeps skin healthy.

It is not a peel-off mask, so it needs to can be washed away with water easily.


1. Store in cool dry place

2. Always scoop with clean dry spoon to avoid contamination

3. Take 1/2-1tsp of clay mask in clean plastic/glass bowl

4. Use Yogurt/Curd/Hydrosol/ Aloe vera gel to activate clay mask

5. Apply thin layer of paste over face & neck and wash off after 8-9mins of drying with water or wash cloth.

Caution for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.




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